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Understand novel key features of Symbol and explain one of them to audiences in your network

Understand novel key features of Symbol and explain one of them to audiences in your network

Symbol is built for developers, designed for enterprise. It combines several innovative built-in features that made Symbol the most established enterprise-grade blockchain solution in the industry. Symbol’s built-in features enabled functions such as transfer of value, accounts management, assets issuance, and network management that meet enterprise needs. 


How to proceed with the task?

  1. Check out exciting Symbol features on Symbol Documentation

  2. Pick one impressive feature that you understand/love the most. 

  3. Choose a medium that you have mastered, and interpret the selected feature in your way. You can choose any type of medium, such as an infographic, an article, a Tweet, or a meme!

  4. Publish it on your channel (Twitter, blog, Instagram, or LinkedIn), and let more people in your network know about Symbol’s cool concepts.

  5. Submit the link to your publication here!


How do we reward your efforts?

  • A short post such as a Tweet can earn a maximum of 25 points

  • Visual content such as an Instagram post can earn a maximum of 150 points + 0.01 reputation.

  • An article such as a blog can earn a maximum of 400 points + 0.05 reputation



  • Your work must be original and informative.

  • If you are writing an article and you want to earn the maximum points and reputations, then your article must be based on original research that was done by you. Otherwise, you can only get up to 200 points and 0.02 reputation. Your article must be no less than 300 words.

  • Please note that your reward may vary depending on the originality, quality, and engagement of your work.


Exciting Symbol features for you to pick:

Aggregate Transaction

Multisig Account



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