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Symbol Launch Meme Competition

Symbol Launch Meme Competition

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Hello, fellow NEMbers. Do you consider yourselves memers or possess what it takes to have people rolling in the aisles? If so, this task was designed for you.


To celebrate the launch of Symbol, we are running a meme competition. Your task is to create funny and memorable gifs and memes that not only entertain the NEM community, but also bring awareness of NEM to people outside of our community!


How to proceed with this task?

  1. Design at least one meme which relates to Symbol blockchain, its features and/or its use cases.

  2. Publish your memes on your Twitter account with the following hashtags: #SymbolLaunchfest #XYM #SymbolMeme

  3. Submit the link to your meme tweet here.



  • Maximum 500 Points + 0.01 Rep. per valid submission.

  • Each of the top 5 most upvoted submissions can get an additional reward of 500 Points + 0.01 Rep. + 50 XEM.

  • Those placing first and second get a free Ledger!



  • Maximum 2 submissions per week

  • Your gifs/memes must be original and entertaining.

  • Please avoid causing offence.

  • You have to publish your gif/meme on your Twitter account.

  • To be eligible, your gif/meme must be Symbol related and posted on Twitter with the following hashtags: #SymbolLaunchfest #XYM #SymbolMeme

  • Please note that your reward may vary depending on your design's originality, quality, and engagement.

  • You should use the NEM Media Kit and Symbol Brand Toolkit.

Published on: 16/12/2020Due date on: 28/02/2021


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