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Suggest a Task Idea for the NEM HUB US

Suggest a Task Idea for the NEM HUB US

Tasks in the NEM HUB leads to spreading Symbol technology via community collaboration. How about making tasks by your hand?

Suggest a Task idea for the NEM HUB US! 



  • Only one requirement: Positive effect on the NEM ecosystem.



  • Max. 50 points per submission. One can post multiple submissions. But, spam submissions will be punished as usual.

  • If your idea will be accepted, you will get an additional 400 Points and 0.1 Rep.

  • Accepted tasks will be put on the board weekly in sequence. So, the reward will be paid after the appearance of the task on the board. To enlarge the chance of attendance of NEMbers, and, maximize the effects on the ecosystem, part of your idea may be modified. Even in such a case, the reward will be paid.

Published on: 01/09/2020Due date on: 15/09/2020


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