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Sing a Song Contest

Sing a Song Contest

Let’s forget about blockchain technology, crypto-prices, and Symbol opt-in for a while - Let’s Sing. 

In Advance: You don’t have to be Carlos Santana, neither Madonna nor Eminem - all you need to be is a fan of NEM. Create a song about your Love, Hope, Journey or Loyalty to NEM. Be kind, honest, and cheerful. This is a public contest, open to everyone - XEM holder or not. You are welcome to join this contest.

CONTEST Start 16.11.20 - more updates to come.

Requirements to qualify for this Contest:

  • The submitted/uploaded song should be related to the NEM/Symbol.

  • There are no limits on the language and music genre, Jazz, Rock, Rap, R&B, or Opera - it’s up to you. Beatbox or Acapella accompaniment are also accepted.

  • Either audio or video submissions are qualified.

  • The song should have a length of a minimum of 30 seconds, but not longer than 120.

  • You can enter this Contest alone with your cat or form a group of crypto fans.

  • The uploaded song (lyrics and tune) can be an original, cover, medley, remix, parody, or adapted from different pieces.

  • The song should be positive and spiritual, no FUD or hate is allowed. Any inappropriate content that is sexual, harmful, violent, misleading and unlawful will lead to exclusion from NEM HUB.

  • The Song, whether audio or video should be uploaded on Twitter with the Hashtags #NEMsong, #NEM $XEM #XEM. Please Tag @NEMOfficial and @nem_hub. An additional upload to youtube would be also great.

  • Please submit us also the lyrics of your Composition ( + english translation if not in english)

  • Maximum two submissions per user


  • 200 - 500 points and 0.1 - 0.25 reputation for every qualified submission

  • 250 XEM for every qualified submission

  • Additional, 1000 XEM for the best contribution, 500 XEM for the second, and 300 XEM for the third-ranked creation.

  • An extra bonus of 500 XEM for the best team contribution

  • An extra bonus of 250 XEM for the best instrumental (live) accomposition

Published on: 13/11/2020Due date on: 21/02/2021


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