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Pushing the Symbol Video

Pushing the Symbol Video

Dear ANTS, time to fasten the seat belts, Special Group - Spoecial Task

  • Retweet the newest video on the NEM Hub Twitter. Please follow the instructions. It's not just a retweet. It's retweeting the original Video without retweeting the original Tweet. Catch the Twitter audience with your own unique message. (extra points)
  • Please publish this week every day one such tweet with this embed video in English or a pendant of it in your native language alternately. No robotic google translations to game for some extra points.
  • Each tweet (a day) a new submission.
  • Tag SYMBOL & NEM with @SymbolPlatform and @NEMofficialUse the hashtag #NEM, #XEM, #XYM, and some context related power-keywords like #blockchain or #dlt, but not too many. It should fit within your message. Avoid sounding spammy, silly, or cheap.
  • Embed exactly this link into your Tweet after the message and hashtags:
  • Upload here the screenshot and link to your own tweet, share yout tweet also to the NEM Hub Group.
  • Please share your tweet also within the local communities if your tweet is not in english
  • Supported languages: English, Japanese, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, French


  • 50 points for each valid submissions
  • 0.01 reputation

Please act like ANTS, like a Team. Engage with the submissions of your mates.

This Task is limited to a total of 250 submissions but its not about qantity, submit quality.

Btw, here is such a embeed video link Tweet:

Published on: 02/06/2020Due date on: 30/06/2020


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