NEM Borneo Orangutan Survival BOS charity design competition

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NEMBOS Design Campaign: Keep Calm and Save the Orangutan

NEMBOS Design Campaign: Keep Calm and Save the Orangutan

Since the 19th Century, after the first industrial revolution, our society has changed rapidly due to globalization, urbanization, and technical advancements. These achievements improved our living standards drastically. However, contemporary human development impacted the environment negatively, that up to one million plant and animal species face extinction, many within decades, because of human activities.


Borneo Orangutan Survival (UK) (Germany) (Indonesia) is a non-profit charitable organization that aims to create a world where orangutans as endangered species are free from the threat of extinction and can live in the wild, unharmed by humans. With the help of Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS), 468 orangutans have been safely released back into the wild, and 527 orangutans are being cared for in sanctuaries.


Preserving the diversity of animal species is an essential task in animal protection to ensure our environment's sustainability. NEM GROUP Ltd., as the managing entity of NEM, feels a strong obligation on the fulfillment of its corporate social responsibilities. By partnering with BOS, NEM can preserve the orangutan species in the wild with its blockchain technology and strong influence in the crypto world. NEM is planning to assist BOS in integrating XEM/XYM as a more transparent donation method to ensure each donation is trackable on a public ledger.

Read more about the partnership:

You can now donate XEM on the BOS website!


As a member of the NEM ecosystem, you can also help BOS preserve the orangutan species in the wild. We want to ask all of you to utilize your creative minds and make some fantastic designs for BOS & NEM's merchandise to spread awareness of protecting endangered species.


What can you design?

There are 3 types of merchandise you can design, 1) shopping bags, 2) T-shirts, and 3) mugs.

(Please note the shopping bag will be reusable, made out of natural fibers. And the T-shirt will be made out of organic cotton)


How to make your design?

Your design should emphasize the importance of BOS saving the orangutan species, and it should highlight NEM & Symbol's role in this noble movement.


You are encouraged to use NEM, Symbol, and BOS's design kits:

NEM Design Kit

Symbol Design Kit

BOS Design Kit

Other materials about BOS 


Let's get started!

  1. Design a shopping-bag/T-shirt/mug with graphics editors, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, Inkscape.

  2. Make sure your design meets the requirements listed below.

  3. Submit your design in PNG and SVG format here, and don't forget to attach a link to the preview of your design for other users to vote.



  • Your design must be original.

  • You must submit your design in PNG and SVG format.

  • Your design's image size must be 30 cm high X 30 cm wide.

  • Your design's image DPI must be 300.

  • You must submit the preview of your design online and attach the link to your preview here. You can use Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit to publish your design preview.

  • Please note that your reward may vary depending on your work's originality, quality, and engagement.

  • Maximum 2 designs per week per user.



  • A maximum of 150 Points + 0.01 Rep + 10 XEM per valid submission

  • A maximum of 500 XEM will be rewarded for contributors whose design is used by NEM and BOS.

  • Contributors will receive free merchandise from NEM and BOS if their design is being selected.

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