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NEM T-shirt Design Task - Symbol Edition

NEM T-shirt Design Task - Symbol Edition

Hi, fellow NEMbers. Thank you for your participation in our Symbol Special Edition Ledger Wallet Design Competition. For the winner announcement, please read this thread on NEM Forum.


Today, we would like to introduce the NEM T-shirt Design Task - Symbol Edition.
This Task aims to utilize the community's creative minds and design skills to produce various Symbol T-shirt designs that can be later be available in the NEM merchandise stores!


NEM USA Store and NEM HUB Marketplace will be launched soon for all NEMbers to purchase unique NEM and Symbol Merch - Payable in XEM and XYM!


How to proceed with the Task?

  1. Design a T-shirt with graphics editors, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, Inkscape.

  2. Make sure your design meets the requirements listed below.

  3. Submit your design in PNG AND SVG format here and don’t forget to attach a link to the preview of your design for other users to vote.



  • Your design must be original.

  • You must submit your design in PNG and SVG format.

  • Your design’s image size must be 50 cm high X 30 cm wide.

  • Your design’s image DPI must be 300.

  • You must submit the preview of your design online and attach the link to your preview here. You can use Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit to publish your design preview.

  • Please note that your reward may vary depending on your work's originality, quality, and engagement.

  • Maximum 2 T-shirt Designs per week per user.


  • A maximum of 150 Points + 0.01 Rep + 10 XEM per valid submission

  • A maximum of 500 XEM will be rewarded for contributors whose T-shirt design is used by NEM USA Store and NEM HUB Marketplace.

Published on: 16/11/2020Due date on: 30/11/2020


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