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NEM HUB Community, whats your Superpower?

NEM HUB Community, whats your Superpower?

Let`s celebrate our Space Cowboys with a new Social Media Campaign.
The Motto is: What's your Superpower?
Anyone of us has his own Superpower on NEM HUB and we`re contributing day by day to NEM`s ecosystem. Let the world know about, inspire crypto twitter, and other social media with our spirit. We are full of energy and we are proud to be NEM`bers

The task:
Make a Tweet and present CryptoTwitter you superpower, tell the world what you`re doing on NEM HUB and close the message with the phrase: What's your #Superpower?
Attache to the tweet an article link, translation, meme, design, interview, infographic, your best tweet, or whatever you have done for NEM`s ecosystem. You can be fubby but not rude. You can also meme yourself. We want to show our unity and diversity on NEM HUB. We are all different but we all love NEM, everyone his own way. For someone, it is the first and only love, for someone the love-hate relationship, and for some, it is just one of many crypto affairs. (alternation to farming sushi)

My Tweet Example:

You are free to write what you're doing on NEM HUB and what your skills are. Content Writer, Translator, Designer, BisDev, Social Media enthusiast, Developer... It would be also nice to read if you have acquired any skills since your participation. Don`t forget to like and comment on each other's Tweets, show NEM`bers support. Your tweet should incentivize others to think about their Super Power and what they are doing with.

- use exactly this ticker in your tweet for NEM`s currency XEM: $XEM
- use minimum this hashtag #NEM #SuperPower
- tag NEM HUB with @NEM_Hub and NEM with @Nemofficial
- don't do more than one tweet daily wor this campaign
- don`t tweet every day the same message, be creative
- respect the crypto community on Twitter


- 50 points and 0.025 reputation
Submit us your tweet Link, simply place the link in the big text field.


THANK YOU!!! Let`s have FUN!

Published on: 10/09/2020Due date on: 31/10/2020


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