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Meme and Gifs contest, a Task everyone is welcome to join

Meme and Gifs contest, a Task everyone is welcome to join

Hello, NEMbers.

Time to get some fun here. How about starting a creative competition open to everyone? Memes are a part of the crypto movement and we`ve seen many viral creations during the crypto evolution They`re a powerful and effective tool to transmit the vision & mood of a project the easy way.

You are in the right place at the right time of the right dimension. If you master the sacred art of memes! You feel like you can express yourself better in memes? Join our NWEM Hub meme contest, show us what you've got!


  • Create NEM, Symbol or NEM Hub related memes that can be in gif, png, gif, jpg or even a short video
  • Memes must be designed originally. (don`t copy & paste overused memes)
  • Memes must be well-designed with a sense of humor or educational message


NEM Hub team & community will judge your memes based on the following measures.

  • Originality
  • Creativity
  • Design quality
  • Message


  • 100 NEM Hub Points  and 0,015 reputation rewarded per valid entry
  • Tweet the meme with #NEM (or Symbol) & #NEMhub Hashtag, tag @nem_hub on Twitter
  • Submit the tweet to the NEM Hub Chat
  • 1 submission per user per day
  • We are looking for memes of all kinds: *smart, funny, timely, artistic, educational, references, you can even play around with irony a bit (keep it positive though!)
  • No explicit content (i.e. FUD, strong language, discriminatory language, references to violence, abuse, nudity, and sexualized content.)These will not be rewarded.
  • Do not steal other users’ content: this will result in a ban

    Each week the most amazing meme will earn bonus 100 XEM token, 100 exptra Hub Points and 0,1 reputation. At the end of the campaign, the top weekly memes will compete for a special exclusive prize!

Meme Topic Suggestions:

  • Symbol launch
  • NEM Hub
  • NEM
Published on: 25/06/2020Due date on: 18/07/2020


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