NEM Symbol


Make a Video for NEM & Symbol

Make a Video for NEM & Symbol

Ready, Set, Action!

We’re back with another set of tasks for all you aspiring videographers!

Submit a professional video covering one or more of the listed topics:

  • Symbol Technologies

  • NEMHub demonstration

  • NEM Ecosystem

  • XEM Technical Analysis

  • Anything that you consider of value 

Give your video some personality, and have fun!


  • 500 Points + 0.1Rep. + 500 XEM per valid submission

  • Max bonus: 5,000 XEM

Bonuses will be determined 1 week after submission.



  • Your work must be a minimum of 3 minutes long, and be original and informative. 

  • Please note that your reward will vary depending on your work's originality, quality, length, the accuracy of information, professionalism, and engagement. 

  • Your video must be shared on YouTube and Twitter.

  • Uploading to additional social media and video platforms is not required, but encouraged.


What are you waiting for? Submit your unique sense of crafts our way.

Published on: 28/09/2020


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