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Help NEM with Business Development by Contributing Your Insights

Help NEM with Business Development by Contributing Your Insights

Symbol is a hybrid blockchain solution with both public and private counterparts, enabling improved operations across a wide range of industries.
Developing relations with businesses of all types is crucial for the widespread adoption of Symbol technology.


In this task, we would like to involve all of you in the Symbol business development process. You and other NEMbers as collective wisdom can produce valuable insights, ideas, and knowledge that may improve the current biz dev processes.


Here is a list of things you can help us with:

  • Is there anything you're doing in crypto right now where XEM is not supported?

  • Are other crypto projects doing things that you think the NEM biz dev team should do?

  • What area of business & use cases do you think deserves extra attention right now?

  • If you had full authority over business development, what would you do? 


Submit your insights, ideas, and knowledge for one or more questions listed above.



  • Maximum 500 Points + 0.01 Rep per valid submission

  • NEM will publish the top 3 most-voted ideas, and each contributor will receive a reward of 500 Points + 0.1 Rep.



  • Your submission must provide valuable insights, ideas, and knowledge to be eligible for rewards.

  • Your submission must be original and informative.

  • Your submission must answer two or more of the listed questions.

  • Please note that your reward may vary depending on the originality, quality, and engagement of your work.

Published on: 21/10/2020Due date on: 04/11/2020


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