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Design a logo to represent the NEM HUB US in your way

Design a logo to represent the NEM HUB US in your way

The US community is an important community group on NEM HUB. As an established group, NEM US deserves a unique logo that can be easily identified and recognized by the public. In order to further promote NEM’s core values of decentralization and community, we would like to invite all of you to create a logo to represent the NEM HUB US in your way.


How to proceed with the task?

  1. Check out and download NEM media kits to aid your logo creation from this link.

  2. Think deeply before creating your logo.

  3. Create the logo with tools you prefer and make sure it meets the requirements listed below.

  4. Submit your logo here.


How do we reward your efforts?

  • A well-designed logo can receive a maximum of 200 points;

  • The most voted logo can receive a bonus of 300 points + 0.5 Reputation + 1,000 XEMs;

  • The second and third most voted logos can receive a bonus of 150 points + 0.25 Reputation + 500 XEMs.



  • Your logo must be originally created by you;

  • Your logo must have a minimum resolution of 800 x 800 pixels;

  • Your logo must be accessible by the public to validate;

  • Accepted formats include JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP.


Please note that under the terms and conditions agreed by you, NGL has the right to distribute submitted content (the logo) by you for commercial use.

Published on: 20/08/2020Due date on: 03/09/2020


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