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Creative Memes Competition - Trader's Edition

Creative Memes Competition - Trader's Edition

Good news, everyone! XEM is now listed on BitMart Exchange. To celebrate the listing of XEM, NEM and BitMart are hosting a trading competition next week. This event aims to activate traders on both sides, drive mutual brand awareness, and grow the trading community.

BitMart’s XEM/USDT Trading pair:


Here is what you can do to promote the event with your sense of humor and your design skills.

  1. Understand the NEM (XEM), BitMart Exchange, and cryptocurrency trading.

  2. Create creative memes about the XEM listing on BitMart and the upcoming XEM trading competition on BitMart.

  3. Post your creative memes on your Twitter.

  4. Engage with traders in the respective community channels of NEM and BitMart by sharing your creative memes.

  5. Submit your memes and the link to your post that shared memes here.



  • Maximum 100 Points + 0.01 Rep per each valid submission

  • The top 3 most upvoted meme will receive 250 Points + 0.03 Rep + 50 XEM.



  • You can submit a maximum of 1 meme per day. Admins will reject additional submissions.

  • Your memes must be original and entertaining.

  • Please note that your reward may vary depending on your design's originality, quality, and engagement.

  • Your meme designs must relate to this trading competition event and derivative trading. Admins will reject irrelevant submissions.

  • NEM HUB reserves the right of final explanations regarding the meme contest.

Published on: 17/11/2020Due date on: 01/12/2020


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