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Community Content Translations

Community Content Translations

Hey everyone, it's all about teamwork and community on NEM HUB! We would like to see you globally networking and collaborating for a brighter future of NEM & Symbol. Lately, we've noticed many multilingual content and community translations - that's a great launch for NEM HUB and we would like to support you by that venture.

  • Feel free to translate English community content, into your language.
  • The supported (rewarded) languages at this stage are Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, German, and Spanish. Please don't offer & submit us a robotic a.k.a. Google-Translation.

You`ve found an interesting article and looking to translate and forward it to your community? PM @icocatapult on TG for better coordination and to avoid double submissions. Submit your translation here to this Task.

Rewards are based on the Value your contribution is able to deliver to the community:

  • 150 - 500 Points
  • 0.05 - 0.20 Reputation
  • 50 - 250 XEM

It`s all about teamwork, education stronger NEM, and Symbol on NEM Hub.

  • If you`re a content creator and you`re willing to have your article translated and distributed from the start? Let us know, we will help you to find a translator on NEM HUB and assist you with the distribution of the content.
  • You're a great copywriter but not skilled with designs? We`re also here to assist you with a header image or illustration for your contribution.
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