1st Public Symbol StressTest via NEMhub

1st Public Symbol StressTest via NEMhub


Welcome to the 1st Public Symbol StressTest via NEMhub.

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How to join the test?

  1. Install Python, it`s free. The current version is 3.9, but the test works with any version starting from 3.8.  Download link:

  2. To run the script, you must also install the [recuests] library. To do this, run the command line (Windows), in Mac OS terminal: Command (⌘) + T, in Linux - Terminal, if you work with a graphical shell,

    1. For Mac user:

    2. Terminal:

    3. sudo easy_install pip

    4. pip install requests

  3. In the command line / terminal window, enter the command: pip install requests. After installing this library, the system is ready to run the test

  4. Download the script file: and unpack the .rar folder. You will find a README file with instructions in this folder. 

  5. To check the system performance, we check:

    1. --test zerotest.json

    2. as a result, you should get a report like this:

    3. Test finished!

    4. Test execution time: (any time, it doesn't matter)

    5. Tests passed: 250

    6. Passed tests with errors (code 4XX): 0

    7. No tests passed: 0

    8. Read the LOG file to analyze the test! Done!

  6. Open a command-line/terminal (or continue in a previously opened one) and execute the command:

    1. For Mac user:

    2. cd desktop

    3. cd rst2

    4. python3


  • 500 Points

  • 0.25 Reputation

  • 250 XEM distributed on the 2nd of November 2020. (You need to hodl at least 1000 XEM to get XEM rewards for this task by the end of October)

  • Multi-Accounters will be banned from NEM-HUB immediately, without warnings.

Task Instructions:

Remember 1 XEM gives you 1  free XYM, don`t be a bounty hunter that sells his XEM and gives up um XYM.

Thank YOU.




Published on: 13/10/2020Due date on: 30/11/2020


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