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Consideration of an experiment using Apostille for the NEM blockchain feature

Consideration of an experiment using Apostille for the NEM blockchain feature

In July of 2020,Japanese NEM community member Mr.Matsuno sent out the NEM spin key chain, a limited edition product created by Japanese NEM community member Mr.Tempura Swan.

At that time, Mr.Matsuno enclosed the original NEM stamps to prove that the key chain was a limited edition product.

There are two traditional methods of proving a limited edition product: writing the serial number and issuing a certificate.
These are written in ink or other media on paper.

There are two ways he went about proving the limited edition product this time.

・Use NEM blockchain transactions to attach any message to 0 XEM transfer and write it to the blockchain.
XEM is the unit of currency token of the cryptocurrency NEM.
・The recorded blockchain transactions are converted to QR codes, and the Japanese Post Office issues the same quantity of stamps as the key chain through its original stamp creation service.

With these two methods, if you have a tool that can read QR codes (e.g., a smartphone), a third party will be able to confirm the transaction and know the contents (the key chain) and the date and time of issuance of the original stamp from the attached message.

I took part in this experiment.
I then considered this experiment after I received the product (the key chain).



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