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Learn the most dangerous 4 deadly insects in the world — Steemit

Learn the most dangerous 4 deadly insects in the world — Steemit

The bite of an ant or other insects may cause you narrow, but do you imagine that it is possible that this sting will cause the end of your life, and the world of insects is a vast world where the numbers and types of these small creatures are countless, which have reached 900 types of these Organisms, some of which have many benefits and other important classes of environmental balance, others are fatal and deadly, and lead a person's life to death. The most prominent types of deadly insects.

This insect possesses what looks like tubes to absorb the fluids of plants, and some of them feed on the blood of large animals, and if this insect bites a person that causes him heart diseases and stomach disorders, and if it is not treated it leads to death such as the following

First - African ants

African ants can destroy an entire field, and every year about 20 to 50 people die because of their bites, and they also destroy food crops that are worth thousands of dollars.

Second - fiery ants


Fiery ants feed on leaves and small insects, and when they attack it defend themselves with bites, and the bite of fiery ants is burning and painful controversy for humans, and this is why it is called fiery ants.

Third - the giant Asian hornet


It is one of the largest types of wasps that live on the surface of the earth, and its sting may lead to death because it contains many toxins, and the poison of this wasp attracts more wasps to the victim to sting.

Fourth - The tsetse fly

This fly is dangerous because it can transmit sleeping sickness, and if a person seeks to transmit disease to him and causes him coma, he sleeps for life, and this fly feeds on the blood of vertebrates.



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