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Symbol - SuperNode Programme Update

Symbol - SuperNode Programme Update


The technical concern that was raised in the post above, could in some circumstances pose a security risk and needs further work to be able to launch securely and reliably, the monitoring remains shut down at present to close that risk.

Resolution / Timing

The issue is more awkward to resolve than was originally thought and it is going to require a partial rewrite to fix it - because of that it will also require additional testing.

We have the re-design complete and are in the process of estimating the dev and testing work. It is not massive but it is more than a few days so the SuperNode programme will be delayed until that work is complete. At this stage we think we are talking weeks not months, once we have a more concrete estimate I will update further (next few days for the estimate).

Apologies for the continued uncertainty around this one, the problem looked simple to solve but is a bit harder and given the funds involved it is important to get it right and do so securely.

Missed Rewards

The same approach will be applied as before in terms of rewards; the missed rewards will be doubled up for as many days as need to ensure the same amount is paid out to ensure rewards are still paid.

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Author: vlad
Published on: 31/03/2021 16:30 (edited on: 04/04/2021 17:38)




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