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Symbol Launch Weekend - General Update (14/03/2021)

Symbol Launch Weekend - General Update (14/03/2021)

Snapshot Completed

Snapshot happened as planned on NIS1 chain at block 3,105,500, approx 04:26 on 12 March 2020


The 360 rollback limit passed without incident


The NIS1 chain continues on its way, creating blocks every minute as it always has and will continue to do.


Anyone who held XEM in that block height is eligible for XYM tokens on the new Symbol chain


If you opted in successfully before snapshot, you will get them at launch


If not, you have 6 years to claim them and its likely to be possible to claim them within ~1 month of launch, more information will be provided post launch on this.

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Author: vlad
Published on: 14/03/2021 20:45 (edited on: 20/03/2021 01:45)




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