NEMTUS project translation work

NEMTUS project translation work

NEMTUS new project is Reconstruction support donation project for ”The Great East Japan Earthquake - 10 years after -” project that using NEM blockchain.

"Blockchain Art" and "KIGOU" events. 

A thought will have been spun, spread toward everyone.

・Details Blockchain Art "Sakura Weaving"
・Details "KIGOU" (Calligraphy writing) Event

A bridge of reconstruction support that links the world together through NEM. 

This year 2021, in its 10th year since The Great East Japan Earthquake.
The reality is, affected areas are still in the process to retake.

Walking the “now” toward the path of the future, is there anything we can do to attain?
And, is there anything we can do by utilizing NEM Blockchain?

When thoughts for reconstruction will have been spun,
beyond that, wish our futures spread toward everyone.

A reconstruction support project through NEM.


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