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Snapshot and Launch Date - will not take place in February ...

Snapshot and Launch Date - will not take place in February ...

The first node we upgraded went well but unfortunately had an issue after a couple of hours so we had to back the release out, no functional issue with the patch, just a deployment challenge. Testnet was unaffected.

The past two days have been spent working through the deployment challenge and that has now been identified and resolved.



We have now successfully deployed the patch on a small number of NGL nodes on the live Testnet and are monitoring and running automated tests for the next 1-2 days to confirm the nodes are stable, the patch resolves the issues and is ready for public release.

Assuming the tests pass successfully, likely to complete late Sunday night UTC, the next steps are:

  • Monday UTC, we review the test data and check for any critical issues

  • If no critical issues above, then late Monday UTC we release the patch publicly

  • A fork will be configured to occur ~2 days after release, exact height to be confirmed when released

  • The network is given time to move on from the fork (1-2 Epochs at least = 12 hours)

  • We look to run the NGL Stress Test within 24 hours of the fork, exact timing to be communicated shortly after the release along with anticipated run time

  • Result of the testing will be reviewed and then a new Launch and Snapshot process can be decided and communicated


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Author: Symo
Published on: 14/02/2021 16:07 (edited on: 15/02/2021 13:35)




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