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Symbol Testnet Update (11-Jan-2020)

Symbol Testnet Update (11-Jan-2020)

Testing Update (11-Jan-2021)


  • New Testnet has been created, 500 nodes, currently internal only
  • Patch testing has gone well
  • Stress Testing passed: 100 & 150tps
  • Stress Testing failed: 400tps, due to configuration, being re-run
  • Testnet reset and full release expected shortly (after 400tps pass)
  • Memory usage is much improved, even under very heavy load

This update follows on from: Symbol launch issues & Testnet update (06-Jan-2021) 2

As per @Jaguar0625’s tweet on 08-Jan: https://twitter.com/Jaguar0625/status/1347611656021532675 5

Patches have been completed and handed to the test team for validation. So far, these look good. The Core Developers and Test teams have also been working very closely on various configuration items to improve rollback handling.

The test team have created a new 500 node network, with learnings from the previous tests, new patches and some minor configuration changes. The tests below were run over the weekend and through Monday:

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Author: vlad
Published on: 12/01/2021 13:43 (edited on: 19/01/2021 13:13)




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