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Symbol Testnet - resolving forks (30/12/2020)

Symbol Testnet - resolving forks (30/12/2020)

The Test team have made good progress getting more nodes over onto the correct fork on Testnet, as you will be able to see here: https://symbolnodes.org/nodes_testnet 1, the incorrect fork has also stalled at block 261647 at the time of writing so anything above that is the correct fork.

The NGL nodes are now all one one fork and other nodes have joined ours on that fork with a resync, so there should be sufficient weight there to allow just a normal resync to fix the node.

So if you have a node that is showing a block height of 261647, it is more likely than not on the wrong fork and should be resynchronised.

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Author: vlad
Published on: 30/12/2020 20:46 (edited on: 06/01/2021 06:47)




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