300 words about Symbol. Symbol has ability to change whole system

300 words about Symbol. Symbol has ability to change whole system

Symbol has ability to change whole money system with its functionality.

Money system has been affected by the situation in countries so far. For example, Cypriot financial crisis. People in Cypriot couldn’t withdraw their own money from bank because of financial crisis. It is strange that personal money system is affected and could not use their own money. However, we have a solution. It is “Symbol.” We can create our own money system by using Symbol so, our money system will not be affected by the situation in countries.


Symbol has ability to keep your wallet safely.

There are many people who think digital currency can be hacked. In fact, about 58 billion-yen minutes of NEM was hacked and stolen in Japan. However, we have a solution. It is “Symbol.” By using Symbol, we can create a multisig account which requires multiple PINs to sign transactions so, anyone cannot use your wallet by knowing only one PIN. In short, multisig wallet has stronger security than regular wallet. Digital currency can be hacked? It is just superstition.


“Apostille” which is Symbol functionality.

For transfer of ownership, the method of public notice is “delivery” for movables and “registration” for real estate. In the case of movable property, you can claim ownership because you have possession of publicity but in the case of real estate, you cannot claim ownership even if you have possession (occupation etc.) because there is no publicity of possession. The problem here is when the real estate is handed over from one to two people. When deciding which one was acquired first, the ownership is determined by the superiority or inferiority of the registration. It is easier to determine the superiority or inferiority because there is registration information that cannot be tampered. We can easily judge the true owner.

It is easy to identify true facts by Apostille.















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