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Reconstruction in NEM and launch of SYMBOL — Hive

Reconstruction in NEM and launch of SYMBOL — Hive

Reconstruction in NEM and launch of SYMBOL

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Blockchain technology continues to change today's world. New solutions are being formed according to New needs and reorganization situations are emerging. Every project, whether old or new, needs to restructure itself from time to time. It is the most natural right of projects, companies, or individuals to expect maximum benefits from their activities. For this reason, some decisions are made at some times for significant changes. In total, it is aimed to evaluate the project or the company's resources more efficiently. New configurations enable the project or platform to run more flexibly and efficiently. This is why reassessment at some point is important for every project.

The NEM project, which is well known to almost every investor, is going to a new structure these days. The group's community revitalization efforts are exciting. What's more exciting is getting your chance together with this familiar project.
The current NEM consisted of three units: Foundation, studio, and venture. Considering that all three units cannot have a road map at the same time, it becomes clear how important the new structure is. The core team, which undertook the restructuring of these three moisture units, decided to reconstruct the moisture ecosystem to solve the fundamental problems. Thus it is also focused on the goal of achieving maximum benefit in platform work.


One of the first activities was aimed at strengthening the NEM community, which was decided to revitalize community work. Community Empowerment work called NEM HUB has been identified as the main goal for this period. It is very important to observe the work of the NEM HUB in the short term in front of you.


One of the essential products of the restructuring of the group will be the launch of SYMBOL. SYMBOL by NEM is a new open-source chain created by NEM from scratch. At the same time, the NEM group; Besides NEM Ventures and NEM Trading, has the necessary technology that strengthens the ecosystem. It is resistant to external attacks. It is a high performance, customizable, and multi-layered DLT protocol.
SYMBOL provides high security and seamless integration with existing corporate chains and networks. It is unmatched in speed and efficiency. Due to its layered architectural structure and add-on solutions, processing times are shortened, and costs are reduced.

SYMBOL creates concept proof at higher speeds than other blockchains. The built-in plug-ins handle the most comprehensive functions. No programming is required to configure them with client applications. You have an idea of ​​what kind of assets to track, define your logic or code.

Although SYMBOL's desktop application looks like a wallet application, it has several built-in features. M-Wallet can manage multiple accounts, discover new chains, and create tokens. It is easy and fast to set up. SYMBOL platform supports SDK, Typcript, Javacript, and Java languages. If you don't know these languages ​​or don't want to write code, you can use most of these features using the SYMBOL desktop application.

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