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【12/19(土)】新コンセプトのイベントでSYMBOLローンチをPRします!!【 毎週土曜 夜9時開催★期間限定】

【12/19(土)】新コンセプトのイベントでSYMBOLローンチをPRします!!【 毎週土曜 夜9時開催★期間限定】

NEMberの皆様こんにちは!DJ Takamasa Owakiです。





















"参加者に投げ銭をして貰って配信者が得するのでなく、とにかくたくさんの人に参加して頂き 、SYMBOL導入までみんなで盛り上げる→その結果 価値を上げてみんなで得をする"  ずっと継続するのは難しいですが、ローンチまで毎週継続してこの一大イベントを盛り上げたいと考えております!!


初回のイベントは今週末12/19(土) 夜9時より60分間開催予定です。


また来週12/26(土)夜9時からは、プロ DJ Masayoshi Kimuraさんがプレイ予定です。







(集まったNEMとお配りしたNEM等、イベント後に収支や得た効果の詳細をNEM HUBで報告させていただきます。)



Hello NEMbers! This is DJ Takamasa Owaki.


By the way, we have less than one month left until the long-awaited debut of SYMBOL! !! !! !!

Pondered how I could publicize this important event that will be a memory of our lives to more people.

Therefore, I decided to hold an event with a new concept that renewed the conventional method and promote it all over the world!


What is a new concept event?

I will hold an "event where all participants get NEM instead of throwing money to the broadcaster"! !! !! !!


I do not dare to stream it at the same time as nemlog, but simply as a Twitch live, we will publicize it on SNS and gather participants anyway.

(Of course, we will visually promote the SYM launch in the image of the event)

Display the QR code of the NEM address during the event.

→ Everyone who scans and sends 0XEM will receive a live recording with NEM as a gift! !! !! !! !! !!

"If you participate, you will get NEM on the contrary." ... One of the attractions of NEM is that you can hold such an event.

Visually publicize the image of SYMBOL during the event, and finally get a lot of people to watch the official CM of SYMBOL.

→ Finally, we will insert the text "1/14 SYMBOL debut !!" to promote SYMBOL debut all over the world.

"Rather than having the participants throw money and getting the distributor, we have a lot of people participate and everyone will be excited until the introduction of SYMBOL → As a result, we will increase the value and make a profit together." It's difficult, but we would like to continue to liven up this big event every week until launch! !!

The first event will be held for 60 minutes from 9pm on Saturday, December 19th this weekend.

In addition, professional DJ Masayoshi Kimura will play from 9 pm on Saturday, December 26th next week.


The event will be funded by the throwing NEM given in the related nemlog article.

Event announcement → Distribute the gathered throwing NEM to the participants at the event! !!

This is the flow, but on the first Saturday, December 19th, we will distribute a lot to commemorate the event! !! !!

(NEM HUB will report the details of the balance and the effects obtained after the event, such as the NEMs gathered and the NEMs distributed.)





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