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[nemtech/symbol-sdk-java] Release v0.22.1 - [0.22.1] - 14-Dec-2020

[nemtech/symbol-sdk-java] Release v0.22.1 - [0.22.1] - 14-Dec-2020

Milestone: Catapult-server finality (

  • [BREAKING CHANGE] Deadline.create requires the configurable epochAdjustment from the network properties. The value can be retrieved using RepositoryFactory.getEpochAdjustment().
  • [BREAKING CHANGE] SecreatLockRepository.getSecretLock has been removed. You can now search by secret by using the search criteria.
  • Added FinalizationRepository.
  • Added transferMosaicId, fromTransferAmount, toTransferAmount to transaction searches.
  • Added CurrencyService to allow loading Network and custom Currency objects from the rest service.
  • Added StateProofService to verify the different states.
  • Added serialize() to state objects AccountInfo, MosaicInfo, NamespaceInfo, MultisigAccountInfo, AccountRestrictions, MosaicGlobalRestriction, MosaicAddressRestriction, MetadataEntry, SecretLockInfo, HashLockInfo to generate the state proof hashes.
  • Added version field to state objects.
  • Added /merkle endpoints to the repositories of the different states.
  • Added stremer() to repositories to simplify PaginationStreamer objects creation.
  • Improved search endpoints allowing "empty" criteria in order to paginate over all the objects.
  • Listener now accepts address aliases as UnresolvedAddress objects.
  • Added V1 and V2 Voting Key transaction support.
  • Updated FinalizationProof object added SignatureSchema for server tree testnet/v3.
  • Fixed finalization proof schema version compatibility issue.
  • Added voting key padding in account state.

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