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This time, I would like to explain about Reputation (Rep).

This time, I would like to explain about Reputation (Rep).


※日本語の方は下記リンクのnemlogから御確認下さい。今回はNEMhub のMy Reputation(Rep)について説明していきたいと思います。



My name is SHO_NEM.

I'm not very good at English.
Please forgive me for the mistake. .. .. ..

This time, I would like to explain about  Reputation (Rep).

● Why is Rep so important in the first place? ●

The logic called "social mining" allows you to get NEM currency XEM depending on the outcome. This is the main reward and is called the "workdrop".

There are various factors that determine whether or not you can receive this “workdrop reward” in large numbers, but Rep seems to have a great influence.

In fact, this week's work drop reward was "about seven times the work drop reward" compared to my work drop reward just started as I wrote about the other day.


● It is the most difficult to increase Rep

●To increase… ・Challenge a task

●The posted activity will be one of the top votes in one day

● Leased by a user with Rep+1.0 or higher


"But if you just increase Rep too much, its "effective value" will drop, so you need to lease it to another user who wants to work hard or want to work hard and raise "generic value". "

This mechanism is also evaluated by motivating more users.

If it is Rep 1.0 or higher, you can lend it to someone → Lend some to those who are doing their best or are likely to do their work → People who lend will increase work drops during that time → The generousness of the lender is also appreciated by the system → If you are disappointed, you can always end the lease

this is…

It's an interesting system!

If a person who has received an evaluation thinks, "This user is a user who is not expected to appear on the surface yet, but he is expecting it!!", he will lend out a Rep!

The other user leased Rep to me last night.

How will the work drop change if I write articles in various nemlogs as usual and post them on NEMhub, or do tasks that I can do ...

I'm looking forward to it! !

I will report this result again next week!

First of all,  I everything is connected from small things.
So please visit NEMhub and post your article on My activity or do some tasks!

We will love NEM more and more!

Thank you for reading it until the very end




Author: SHO_NEM
Published on: 01/07/2020 11:22 (edited on: 02/07/2020 17:28)




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