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#stXEM Testnet Walkthrough Education( #Xem #Xym #stXem #stXym)

#stXEM Testnet Walkthrough Education( #Xem #Xym #stXem #stXym)

This #stXEM Testnet Walkthrough Education is At #MetaMask Google Chrome Extension.


stXEM Testnet Guide 

1. Buy stXEM™ on Uniswap

Set your MetaMask to Ropsten test network(at the top)

2. Acquire some Ropsten Ethereum if you need to via a faucet ( or

3. Go to

4. Buy some test stXEM™ with your testnet Ethereum

5. To see stXEM™ in your MetaMask, make sure to add it as a custom token with the address 0x0957C4D096dcb6DaF9C7B1A865b3ec9df0d12883

6. Watch your balance increase daily


Become a Liquidity Provider

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can also try providing liquidity to the Uniswap pool. To do this

1. Set your MetaMask to Ropsten

2. Acquiresome ETH as well as stXEM™ 

2.Go to and add liquidity to the pool


Stake, swap, trade your XEM on Uniswap

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Learn more about Stakehound 👇

About Nem and Symbol visit here 👇





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