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3週連続で海外アーティストがnemlogライブ出演!! 長期間に渡る連続プロモーションで世界中に ”NEM×音楽イベント” を浸透させます!!  ENGLISH

3週連続で海外アーティストがnemlogライブ出演!! 長期間に渡る連続プロモーションで世界中に ”NEM×音楽イベント” を浸透させます!! ENGLISH

こんにちは! Dj Takamasa Owakiです。
今回の記事では、 ①イベント情報と、 ②本イベントの掲載メディア、今後の広報作戦 について書かれています。
11/21(土)より、毎週土曜日の夜9時からの60分間、NEMブロックチェーン経由で限定プレゼントが届く"nemlog" と、高音質配信の"Twitch"の同時配信を行います!
また、3週間という長期間に及ぶイベント情報サイト、ソーシャルメディアでの連続プロモーションと、あらゆる国々から海外アーティストが発信するプロモーションによって、"NEM × 音楽イベント" のイメージを世界中に浸透させます!!!!
イベント情報:イベント公式ページ https://cactusexperience.storeinfo.jp/posts/11491174
1  EVENT SARCH イベントサーチ
2  iFlyer アイフライヤー
3  CLUBBERIA クラベリア      
イメージの右下のQRコードのNEMアドレスに0XEMを送金すると、 DJ Artistが自己紹介の為に作成したオリジナルのPR動画のダウンロードコードが返信されます。

Hello! This is Dj Takamasa Owaki.
From Saturday, November 21st this weekend, overseas artists will live stream nemlog from the field for 3 consecutive weeks.
In this article, ①event information, ② media posted on this event, and future public relations operations are described.
① Event information
From Saturday, November 21st, we will simultaneously deliver "nemlog", which will receive a limited gift via the NEM blockchain, and "Twitch", which will deliver high-quality sound, for 60 minutes every Saturday from 9 pm!
By taking the form of simultaneous distribution on two platforms, we will build a mechanism that allows viewers and artists to have a win-win relationship, adapting to an environment where going out is restricted.
By throwing NEM from nemlog, viewers can download the artist's original limited item download code, which can never be obtained elsewhere, from the artist without using any personal information via the NEM blockchain. You can get it directly.
In addition, the image of "NEM x Music Event" will be spread all over the world through the long-term event information site of 3 weeks, continuous promotion on social media, and promotion sent by overseas artists from all countries! !! !! !!
Event information: Event official page https://cactusexperience.storeinfo.jp/posts/11491174
Info : Official website https://cactusexperience.storeinfo.jp/posts/11491174
②Posted media
The contents have been posted from the club event information site to 3 sites with many users.
After this, we will post more and more information.
1  EVENT SARCH イベントサーチ
2  iFlyer アイフライヤー
3  CLUBBERIA クラベリア      
About future public relations operations
We plan to regularly broadcast the contents of the weekly radio program on Twitch.
We will be submitting an article about the content of the Twitch distribution in the near future. We will incorporate a mechanism using the NEM / SYM blockchain into Twitch's video distribution and put it into practical use.
Furthermore, by incorporating a promotional video that conveys the appeal of SYMBOL into the video distributed by Twitch, we plan to convey it to viewers with sound and video.
Stay tuned for additional information!
If you send 0XEM to the NEM address of the QR code at the bottom right of the image, the download code of the original PR video created by DJ Artist for self-introduction will be returned.
You can check what kind of person you are before attending the event!

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Published on: 16/11/2020 12:03 (edited on: 22/11/2020 21:46)




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