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#Nem and #Hummingbot Liquidity Mining Campaign Video Tutorial (Taglish),🇵🇭

#Nem and #Hummingbot Liquidity Mining Campaign Video Tutorial (Taglish),🇵🇭

In this Video Tutorial I show po sa inyo how to set up and run Auto-Trade Bot Ng Hummingbot.


#Nem X Hummingbot Liquidity Mining


Sign up with your Email address here. Please note, no KYC required.


Connect your #Binance exchange API key and your wallet on Miner App in the Setting.


Download and install Hummingbot:


Configure a market making bot: (If you are new to market making bot, please run in paper trading mode to get familiar with before trading real cryptocurrencies.)


Run #Hummingbot to auto-trade #XEM-BTC and #XEM-ETH on Binance:


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Published on: 20/11/2020 22:14 (edited on: 26/11/2020 02:34)




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