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Axie ınfinity & chainlink

Axie ınfinity & chainlink

If I were to develop business, I would think it would make sense to make deals with game companies. For example, League of Legends is a big gaming company, perhaps one where many cryptos have failed to come up with a proper idea or have been denied (okay this is a big fish, let's forget that). What about Axie infinity? This company is already in cryptocurrency and has cryptos, but what if they use our cryptocurrency. I think this will be a good deal and I think Nem will bring many benefits. Apart from these, I think that chainlink from other cryptos proceeds differently from NEM and the reason for this is hidden in the crypto strategies followed. NEM can obtain information from these strategies and demonstrate similar tactics with different projects.

Author: Ygz11
Published on: 05/11/2020 11:18 (edited on: 05/11/2020 11:18)




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