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Partnerships for Success

Partnerships for Success

1. Aergo. The Blockchain for Business from South Korea.
2. This exchange is just starting to take off.
3. Frontier. More than just a wallet.
4. The world's most popular way to buy, store and use cryptocurrency.
5. A rapidly developing platform.
6. Ankr. This project helps to simplify many technical details.
7. CertiK Foundation - Audit and protect.
8. The Graph. Simplify your data indexing. Many projects has been using The Graph for a long time.
9. Gitcoin. Community of 47,000+ developers.
10. Trust Wallet. Reliable and secure crypto wallet. Very popular.
11. Ledger. The leader in cryptocurrency and blockchain security.

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Published on: 03/11/2020 03:25 (edited on: 03/11/2020 03:25)




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