List Companies Nem Collaborate
Make A list of companies that the NEM Business Development should collaborate

Make A list of companies that the NEM Business Development should collaborate

A list of companies that the NEM Business Development team should collaborate with

1. Harbor

2016, San Francisco USA

Cryptocurrency startup Harbor is involved in tokening securities using blockchain The focus of the company is largely on equity and startups, however, they have also looked into tokenising real estate, investment funds and even pieces of fine art.


Last Round: $68 million, April 2018.


2. Dapper Labs

Industry: Blockchain

Gaming company that develops games powered by cryptocurrency. Not only it is developing games, but it also playing a vital role to make blockchain a reality. Currently, only a few people – gamers, innovators, and early adopters – are tinkering with the blockchain.

Investors: Andreessen Horowitz

Last Round: $38.9M, 2020


3. Limechain

2017, Sofia, Bulgaria

Building a blockchain solution for startups and corporate businesses, with a portfolio of services including blockchain development, smart contracts, ICO and crowd sale.

Investor: Procter & Gamble, Raiffeisenbank and Vaultitude

Last round: 


4. Coinfirm

2015, London (United Kingdom)

Aims to act as a foundation for the safe adoption of blockchain by all actors in the economy, including traditional financial institutions, governments, regulators as well as ordinary citizens.


Last round: €5 million, 2020


5. Colendi

2016, Swiss

Providing a global financial passport to its clients. The Swiss fintech


Last round: €2.3 million, 2020


6. BlockFi

2017 , New York City (United States)

Crypto-assets collateralized fiat loans

Investors: Valar Ventures, Akuna Capital + 22 more

Last round: USD 38M, Series B, Feb 2020


7. ThunderCore

2017 , Sunnyvale (United States)

Decentralized platform for the deployment of dApps

Investors: Electric Capital, ZhenFund + 20 more

Last round: USD 50M, Series B, Feb 2019


8. BRD

2015 , San Francisco (United States)

Mobile only crypto wallet

Investors: SBI Holdings, East Ventures + 1 more

Last round: USD 15M, Series B, Jan 2019


9. Bankera

Founded in 2017 Vilnius, Lithuania.

Aim is to integrate traditional and crypto economies into one platform that offers crypto-friendly financial services to companies and individuals around the globe

Investor: Public

Last Round: February 2018, €100 million on ICO


10. Neufund

2016 in Berlin 

The first company in the world to digitalize its equity and conduct an ETO – or Equity Public Offering. FTH tokens (Force)


Last Round: 2020, € 18 million


11. Terra

2018 , Seoul (South Korea)

Decentralized financial infrastructure for payments

Investors: HashKey, LuneX + 16 more

Last round: Seed, Aug 2019

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