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NEM in Trust Wallet

NEM in Trust Wallet

Hi, Team.

Trust Wallet is one of the biggest and trusted wallet now for keeping cryptocurrencies, yet I don't see XEM in it. I hope we could do something about it. Since there are so many Trust Wallet users, if XEM is visible in Trust Wallet, then many people too will notice XEM and be interested. 

Also, Trust Wallet is now being used as a tool for the trending swaps like Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and BSCswap. If we could get involve with Trust, it will be an added exposure to NEM. 

Most of the people using Trust Wallet are willing to spend a lot on new hyped coins even if those coins have no real solid use cases, what more if they learn more about the new developments of XEM and XYM and see that it is also easily accessible through Trust.

Thank you.


Author: BritGaile
Published on: 26/10/2020 19:45 (edited on: 26/10/2020 19:45)




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