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A Symbol use case - A game about training your dog.

A Symbol use case - A game about training your dog.

The best way to share is to tell a story.

So, I would like to share about basic built-in features on Symbol Blockchain by telling a micro story of a town for dogs. This is a use case on Symbol Blockchain. 

This is a township full of dog lovers. All businesses and daily activities are only related to dogs. The municipal has dogs up for adoption for people who wants to move in to the town. New comers can get cryptocurrency local to the township by exhanging for it with XYM. The responsibilies of the residents of the township is to train the dogs, run the businesses and make the township vibrant.

For the full picture, please visit 

Expect more updates. Will slowly build up this weekend "pet project" of mine. 

Disclaimer: There is always more than one solution to an issue. What features I chose to use might be different than your opinion. 



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Published on: 25/10/2020 13:51 (edited on: 06/01/2021 22:43)




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