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Help NEM with Business Development by Contributing Your Insights( Task Submit)

Help NEM with Business Development by Contributing Your Insights( Task Submit)

Here is a list of things that hope can help with:

  • Q =Is there anything you're doing in crypto right now where XEM is not supported?
  • A= It will best if $xem will be supported by Moblie E-wallet like coins.ph in my country Philippines with 5million users for (Pay utilities, remittances etc.). Mostly like me overseas woker its helps a lot for me.
  • Q= Are other crypto projects doing things that you think the NEM biz dev team should do?
  • A= Online Business Listing for Merchants. By adding on the list there business and products as well the location. For different country and what types of business categories.
  •  Giving merchants Digitalization opportunity
  • $Xem and $Xym is accepted as Payments.
  • Should be better if will developed this on mobile apps.Also be a merchant and consumer friendly that easy to manage.
  • (The project is Helping  SME’s business owner that have big key role in Economy)  
  • Q= What area of business & use cases do you think deserves extra attention right now?
  • A = Telecom (Roaming fraud and Sim swapping must stop) and Luxtag (digitalize products for antitheft and counterfeit that kills many real business industry)
  • A= If you had full authority over business development, what would you do? 
  • Q= If i will had an opportunity over business, I will push my team to demonstrate on how the nem/symbol platforms can enable to secure the Data records of the example. Land registry citizen ID,Birth Certificate, etc. on the Developing Country because this things is they need. As the economy grow there must be also a development on the security of government storing citizens data.

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Published on: 26/10/2020 19:46 (edited on: 29/10/2020 07:23)




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