nem xem symbol


- Is there anything you're doing in crypto right now where XEM is not supported?
There are many still don't know how to buy XEM, show XEMUSD chart on community dashboard. 

- Are other crypto projects doing things that you think the NEM biz dev team should do?

Swissborg has a better community app.

- What area of business & use cases do you think deserves extra attention right now?

Even it is top 30 crypto, there are still not many people know enough about XEM and Symbol, more marketing work need to be done. 

- If you had full authority over business development, what would you do? 

Spend more time and money on marketing.
Make wallet, community more UI/UX friendly.
SEO on NEM/Symbol websites,
Promote with Youtuber / IG influencer

Author: Vosive
Published on: 26/10/2020 05:51 (edited on: 01/11/2020 09:05)




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