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NEM's march towards the Defi  Movement - Glossary Task

NEM's march towards the Defi Movement - Glossary Task

Supernode :

Node , on the main high-performance network that is tasked with helping secure the network, which forms the backbone network / primary network / main network so that transactions from third parties or users on other networks such as support for digital wallets, applications or mobile wallets easily get fast and reliable access without having to synchronize blockchain itself or centralized blockchain, with trusted services performed.
Other lightweight clients feel secure to connect to the server from any direction to perform any transaction as it has been tested for bandwidth, chain height, chain sharing, compute power, ping, versioning and response per second even though it is subject to strict and randomized requirements. appreciated for his abilities which will then be announced his existence and formal use.

Author :
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Author: Danigga
Published on: 20/10/2020 18:44 (edited on: 20/10/2020 18:44)




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