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NEM launches next-generation social media platform

NEM launches next-generation social media platform

NEM Hub is in the starting blocks and will revolutionize social media interactions. A unique incentive system is located in the center, which rewards users for their commitment and disburses cryptocurrencies to them.

The novel system started already on 12 June as beta and is fully functional and public since 15 July. Users can register for different tasks after their registration and are rewarded for the creation of different content. This is made possible by a unique reputation system.

A minimum of $10,000 per month in NEM Token (XEM) is distributed to all registered and qualified participants. It is up to them to decide how they participate. Activity in the form of articles and videos is expressly desired, but may also extend to Twitter or Telegram to qualify for a reward.

But NEM Hub also supports special promotions. For example, the community was able to hold a successful logo contest, which now plays a major role in Japan in representing NEM.

From the community, for the community

NEM Hub is designed to strengthen the NEM community internationally. Therefore, it enables the community to create and share NEM content in demand and valuable.

This ensures a high standard of quality that promotes knowledge of NEM’s technology and its adoption. This is also reflected in absolute numbers. Thanks to the stunning collaboration of the community on NEM Hub, the official social media accounts have increased public attention tenfold.

The most important aspect of joint work is the quality of the content. These can be convincing because it is not their quantity that is decisive.

Strong cooperation with DAO Maker

NEM Hub is made possible by using DAO Maker’s social mining technology as a white label solution. This has already proven itself in other projects and provides the unique opportunity to give the community a piece of what they do for NEM back.

Through this partnership, NEM expands its reach while ensuring that sustainable messages are delivered with a strong resonance with consumers, industry, and the trade press.

Become part of the growing community

To participate yourself and benefit continuously from the rewards, you must first register on NEM Hub. You must also keep 1000 XEM in your own wallet to represent a proven interest in NEM to the outside world.

Afterward, you can start directly. For open questions, the own Telegram Group is a good choice. The NEM Community is also happy to welcome interested parties who would like to approach the Hub and learn more about NEM without participating in the Community Rewards.

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