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This is Japan's NEM activity!

This is Japan's NEM activity!

There are several shops in Japan that allow you to pay for your purchases with XEM.

“くりぷとあべ氏(Crypto Abe)” is the owner of “けいじ(Keiji)”, a food stall that serves alcoholic beverages , ramen, and snacks. His stall operates in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Of course, his stall allows you to pay for food and drink with XEM.

He also has an interesting activity called "保留ラーメン;Suspended Ramen(a bowl of ramen on hold)“ .


The "保留ラーメン;Suspended Ramen” activity is inspired by the Neapolitan culture of the "Caffe Sospeso" region of Italy. The customer (e.g. a wealthy person) pays for his own coffee and another bowl of coffee. The additional cost of the coffee is used to pay for the coffee for those who are too poor to pay. This is the Caffe Sospeso system.


Like Caffe Sospeso,"保留ラーメン;Suspended Ramen” activity asks for donations from customers and volunteers. Then, if the children offer to the stall owner, the owner uses the donations to give the children Each person will receive a bowl of ramen free of charge.Nowadays, the program is being expanded to include people in financial need, such as those who have been affected by disasters. The NEM system is being used to manage these donations.

The flow of donations being settled as a fee for"保留ラーメン;Suspended Ramen” .
(1) Withdrawals from the donation management NEM account are "2OF3 Multisig".
(2) Request for withdrawal from the customer's dedicated account in the presence of the clerk.
(3) A request for withdrawal by the store owner or clerk afterwards.
(4) The 2OF3 multisig is now approved and the XEM is transferred from the donation management account to the payment NEM account.



 This  "保留ラーメン;Suspended Ramen” activity is one of the ways to realize one of the ideals of NEM's new economic movement, "distribution of wealth to the poor".

 I would love for nember of the world to know about the "保留ラーメン;Suspended Ramen” . 
I would also like to see “Caffe Sospeso” run on the NEM/symbol system in cafes in Naples.




I have received permission from “くりぷとあべ氏(Crypto Abe)”  to post this article and images.

This article may be modified in the future to reflect the facts.




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