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Layout Improvement | NEMHub

Layout Improvement | NEMHub

With default layout displaying only trending posts, good content can sometimes go unnoticed. 
This layout improvement suggestion will allow recent posts to be displayed alongside trending. 

I suggest this layout method, as I've noticed that once a post has been discovered and begins to receive upvotes, it appears in trending, and attracts further upvotes.
However, if someone creates a post during a timeframe when few are online, and/or when there is a high amount of activity, their content receives minimal attention, and goes unnoticed by the community. 

Additionally, featured posts can be displayed in a horizontal slider, allowing maximum exposure of a collection of featured content, without greatly disturbing non-featured community posts. 

The image below is a quick photoshopped version of how I would imagine this layout change in effect. 



Author: leon
Published on: 01/10/2020 12:55 (edited on: 05/10/2020 19:31)




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