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投票方法改善の提案(Suggestions for improving the voting process)

投票方法改善の提案(Suggestions for improving the voting process)



誰でも一つのActivityに対して、1回だけGood or Badを投票できるようにするが、影響力が高さによって票の重みに差をつけるやり方はどうかと提案します。それはまさにNEMのPoI投票の考え方です。


基本的にDAO Makerのシステムで動いているのでしょうが、NEMにはNEMのいいやり方がありますし、よりNEMらしくカスタマイズできるところはそうしていくべきだと考えています。


The more influential the NEMHUB vote, the more you can vote, and the more you can vote each week. It's a reset mechanism.

But this is the first time I thought a good Activation might come later in the week. Don't you tend to vote sparingly for Activity?

Allows anyone to vote one time on a single Activity, Good or Bad. But I would suggest that there is a way to differentiate the weight of votes depending on the level of influence. That's exactly the idea behind NEM's PoI voting.

It may be basically running on the DAO Maker system, but NEM has a good NEM There are ways to do it, and where we can customize it to be more like NEM, we should do so, and I am.

Author: honanem
Published on: 19/06/2020 00:44 (edited on: 08/07/2020 11:58)




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