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Core Team Application | Leon Redinger

Core Team Application | Leon Redinger

Hi All.
I decided that I will apply to become a Core Team member.

My experience as an entrepreneur, trader, and business consultant has sharpened my fiscally conservative nature and critical thinking skills.

There are 2 key weaknesses to organizational governance:
1. Complacency - AKA: Back Patting: When everyone in the team reaffirms each other's beliefs that they are doing the best job possible, unable to acknowledge mistakes, and identify areas needing improvement. 
2. Division - Inability to compromise: When a team has different opinions, but cannot reconcile differences to find common ground. This halts progress.

And above all, both of these conditions lead to wasteful spending.

My primary goal as a core team member is to ensure funds are managed responsibly.
My secondary goal is to prevent inflexibility and complacency. Teamwork.

If you support me for this position, please comment below, or message me your personal recommendation.
On Twitter: @leonREDinger
On telegram: https://t.me/leonRED

Thank You!



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Published on: 15/09/2020 08:57 (edited on: 21/09/2020 20:24)




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