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One marketplace for the blockchain economy

One marketplace for the blockchain economy

I am based in Thailand and business travel all around Southeast Asia, looking for opportunity with NEM. I really wanted NEM to be listed somewhere around my country so bad and worked hard for nearly 3 years.

And now I found out that I should be the one to create and involve with the Crypto platform and adding NEM. 

This is my solution. And all NEMbers should be happy :)

So, my project is GokuMarket, which is now live with 163000+ users across 25 countries and 10.5 million+ USD worth of transactions already in just 6 months. 

It’s a crypto marketplace containing exchange, travel, ecommerce, debit cards and much more. Can do almost everything with NEM/XEM. I am also looking forward to listing XYM or Symbol in the very near future. 

Better see than explain - please checkout the video:(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTrTXaa-PVA&feature=youtu.be


Website: https://www.gokumarket.com







Furthermore information and any strategic partnership requests, please feel free to contact: (kfujishiro@gokumarket.com). 

Thank You! 

Jida F. (a.k.a GodzillaCrypto)

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Author: GodzillaCrypto
Published on: 17/06/2020 07:27 (edited on: 22/06/2020 11:10)




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