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SuperChat replacement | Tip with $XEM

SuperChat replacement | Tip with $XEM

This task should be for everyone, not just NEM USA! - We should also have this task translated to Japanese and anywhere live streaming and gaming is popular. 
I recently discovered this cool plugin for OBS. OBS is a top choice for content creators and live streamers. 
OBS is available for free here: OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) 
Cointree is a free donations and tipping tool to help manage crypto addresses. Cointree is available here.
Plugin for OBS + Cointree available here: OBS Plugin is available here.

This Cointree + OBS plugin allows content creators to monetize content with crypto and engage their audiences without middlemen. 
The current most popular option is Superchat. Superchat takes 1/3rd of the tips that audiences donate to youtubers. This is a huge an unecessary expense. 

Using + This OBS plugin allows content creators to accept $XEM, $XYM (and any other crypto) as tips. Without fees!
$XEM is an ideal crypto to use, as it has fast confirmation times. 

You can view a demo here.

Now, let's discuss the task:

Demonstrate, via video, the Cointree OBS Plugin in action, accepting $XEM tips
Share the video on twitter and other social media

500 points, 0.1 reputation, and 150 XEM for submission
Top 3 most voted submissions receive: 300 points, 0.15 reputaion, and 500 XEM

Superbonus of 1,500 XEM to be paid if you are a frequent content creator with 10,000 or more followers.

Author: leon
Published on: 14/09/2020 17:00 (edited on: 18/09/2020 22:33)




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