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XEM is now listed on the New Capital Exchange

XEM is now listed on the New Capital Exchange

New Capital is pleased to announce the listing of XEM on our EU-based, fully compliant crypto exchange, thereby further demonstrating the strong relationship between New Capital and NEM. This listing directly peers XEM with a growing range of crypto assets, allowing the NEM community to easily diversify into other unique and high-liquidity assets such as FIX, TWINS and LBCOIN. In addition, this listing will encourage both the New Capital and NEM communities to become acquainted with each other’s compelling projects and technologies.

The New Capital Exchange (NCE) is trusted, community-driven entity, facilitating the safe and efficient exchange of value between selected cryptocurrencies. New Capital’s long-term goal is that the NCE will evolve to become a true DEX to enable direct peer-to-peer value exchanges between participants.

NEM and New Capital currently share significant common ground, with an expectation of increased mutual cooperation in the future. For example, the New Capital-supported (TWINS) DEX platform will be based on NEM’s Symbol, when this technology becomes available. In addition, in a recent and far-reaching advancement in the crypto industry, the Bank of Lithuania released the world’s first digital collector coin, LBCOIN. Significantly, the NEM blockchain was selected as a critical infrastructure participant in this initiative, and the LBCOIN tokens enjoy a premium listing and are publically traded on the NCE.

“NEM and the New Capital Exchange can be very proud of their roles in the support of LBCOIN,” said Alex Rožanski, one of the founders of New Capital. “This is an important strategic project for the Bank of Lithuania in exploring the role to be played by central bank digital currencies in future digital solutions. Clearly, this high-profile initiative is being carefully observed by the global governmental and banking community. To be part of this groundbreaking project lends considerable legitimacy to and confidence in both NEM and the New Capital Exchange, and is a very positive reflection on our organizations.”

As a short introduction for the NEM community, the TWINS, FIX and LBCOIN crypto-assets are as follows:

TWINS — The DEX will facilitate the direct wallet-to-wallet transacting of digital assets between users, resulting in a secure, transparent and efficient digital marketplace. The TWINS coin will be used to power buy and sell order listings for this platform, and motivate technology development and network growth.

FIX — FIX Network will implement innovative systems, products and services to secure our digital assets and identities on mobile devices. Private keys will be stored on SIM cards, and user-defined policies will specify transaction authorization rules and how subscriber data is to be used, accessed, shared, tracked and sold. The FIX coin will be used by subscribers in order to access and manage their policies.

LBCOIN — This coin, issued in July 2020 by the Bank of Lithuania, is the world‘s first blockchain-based digital collector coin. This limited-edition issuance is an important experiment in exploring the potential of central bank digital currencies, and has attracted global attention. NEM plays a critical role in this initiative, with their technology providing the necessary blockchain infrastructure.

New Capital welcomes the NEM community to join our exchange and enjoy the safe, secure and reliable services provided by this platform. In addition, we are looking forward to building and strengthening the relationship between our two dynamic and enthusiastic communities.

As an added, limited time incentive, anyone joining the NCE is rewarded with a free airdrop of 5000 TWINS.

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Published on: 09/09/2020 18:47 (edited on: 20/09/2020 15:14)




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