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RoadMap & Opt In ( do not forget )

RoadMap & Opt In ( do not forget )

- 15th Sep: Optin Opens, Code freeze, and Testnet launch 🔑
- 3rd - 16th Dec: Snapshot range (exact date to be announced soon) 📷
- 17th Dec: Symbol Main Net goes live! 🚀

Opt In:
What is opt in? Opt-in is the method by which existing XEM holders are able to claim their XYM tokens at the point of Snapshot, prior to the new chain launch of Symbol scheduled for December.
When does Opt in begin? Sept 15th
Am I required to opt-in? No.
If I don't opt in, what happens? You will have 6 years to claim XYM with your NEM private key. 
Do I need to update my wallet to opt in? Yes. A new desktop wallet with opt in module will be released soon.
Can I opt in with Trezor? Yes.
How do I opt in on mobile? Use Symbol Mobile Wallet (Not Available Yet)
Can I opt in with exchange? No, not unless your exchange has specifically announced this.

What is snapshot? A picture of your XEM balance, used to determine your XYM balance on Symbol.
How many $XYM will I receive from snapshot? Every $XEM you hold at snapshot = 1 $XYM. (For example: Hold 11,767 $XEM and receive 11,767 $XYM)
When is snapshot? Sometime between the 3rd and 16th of December. Exact date to be announced.
Will exchanges support snapshot? You must ask the exchange. Zaif is the only exchange that has announced support at this time. 

Is Symbol a fork? No.
How do I swap my XEM? There is no swap.
How do I get XYM? Hold XEM at time of snapshot.
When is airdrop? There is no airdrop.
Will I see my XYM in NEM wallet? No.
Will my XEM show on Symbol wallet? No.



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