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NEMhub USA Logo Design

NEMhub USA Logo Design

There is a lot of symbolism contained in the logo. 

As it relates to the United States:
1. Red, White, and Blue / Independent, yet aligned
2. The USA has 3 Branches of government. / 3 shields protecting liberties.
3. Feathers represent arts and literature, and are also an important symbol in Native American cultures.

As it relates to NEMhub:
The shield geometry was derived from the outer edge of the NEM logo. 
A Shield wall shows strength in community.
Feather represents independent contributors.
Font is Proxima (same as NEM branding) but with different weight and condensation. 

These are vector graphics that can be resized or edited in any way. 

Author: leon
Published on: 31/08/2020 17:50 (edited on: 04/11/2020 18:36)




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